Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dell: Direct is not a religious revolution

In 2007, Dell often the headlines, but not all news is good news.

January, Dell replaced Kevin Rollins, founder of Maikedaier again become Dell CEO, Dell is going through major changes this year been a roller coaster. In addition, founder of the reunification, the Dell Chief Financial Officer Jim Schneider have been replaced, the company's consumer and service sector there were many new faces.

Dell has lost its title of world's largest PC manufacturers in 2007, Dell continued to lose market share to rival Hewlett-Packard; Maikedaier told the staff, direct sales model "used to be a revolution, but not religious."

Subsequently, Dell announced a number of desktop and notebook PCs through Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores. Full year 2007, Dell continued in the United States and the rest of the world of consumer retail partners to promote the new program, Dell and Staples, Bic Camera in Japan and the United States and China signed a cooperation agreement country. Dell said next year will continue to cooperate in the global expansion of this channel.

At the same time, Dell continues to fight the problem with the supply chain, an accounting problem for Dell has concluded the investigation. The auditors found that Dell financial sector from 2003 to 2006 in order to please Wall Street during the fabrication of a regular quarterly earnings reports this discovery to force Dell to restate three years of earnings reports. Currently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation is continuing.

Two highlights: Dell successfully sold more servers, Dell stressed the strategic design of a warm welcome by the consumers.

Computer direct selling of another company this year, there are many messages. This is China Taiwan's Acer, Gateway was acquired. For Gateway such a situation in the 1990s, the PC makers scold surprised, this is an anticlimactic ending, but the purchase of the Acer is a good news, because Acer is competing with Lenovo.

Acer and Lenovo have been competing this year, over Packard Bell, Acer hopefully it into the bag. With the two companies to join and its own growth, Acer has become the fastest growing PC company last year.

Acer is a major factor in the success of its notebook computer business success. As of the end, Acer has surpassed Dell as the world runner-up notebook computer market, behind Hewlett-Packard. At present, the notebook computer has become the main choice of new phone users this year, notebook computer desktop to be quickly replaced. (Although the popularity of personal desktop computers in the lower, Dell and Gateway have decided to follow the launch of Apple's lead-in-one desktop, Dell has launched XPS, Gateway has released a One.)

On the other hand, although the vast majority of mobile PC users to consider the key, but only a few users have chosen ultra-mobile PC (UMPC), despite the PC industry in efforts to promote such a computer.

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"National Teacher Quality and ability of the international training" ended in Beijing

With professional learning communities ThinkQuest platform to help teachers to train children to live and work in the 21st century, the key skills needed

Beijing, November 17, 2008 -

Recently, the China Children and Teenagers Fund (the "Foundation of Chinese children"), well-being (public) network together Oracle Education Foundation's "National Teacher Quality and ability of the international training course" in Beijing, China Women's University come to an end, to 65 schools from all over the country, 66 teachers attended the training.

In this training, all teachers were divided into 10 projects, each group in ThinkQuest learning platform project successfully established, through ThinkQuest create the pieces of outstanding works of art and handmade, all to achieve this training requirements. These teachers will undertake training Relay role, will impart their knowledge to more teachers and students to help teachers required in the information age and the key skills of team spirit.

Teachers with outstanding achievements to the training requirements, obtain a certificate of training

ThinkQuest was introduced by the Oracle Education Foundation, a free online collaboration for primary and secondary schools learning platform, through a protected online environment, teachers and students around the world in this collaboration platform education projects and sharing educational content. Globally, 60 countries are already more than 397,000 students to benefit from Oracle Education Foundation, the project provided.

Oracle Education Foundation has been working with Chinese children to maintain close cooperation with the IMF. 2007骞?鏈堬紝鐢查鏂囨暀鑲插熀閲戜細涓庝腑鍥藉効鍩轰細銆佸畨搴?鍏泭)缃戠粶涓庡寳浜笘绾礉璐濆辜鍎垮洯绛夊辜鍎垮洯鍙婇儴鍒嗗皬瀛﹀笀鐢熷叡鍚屼妇鍔炰簡鈥滃浗闄呭崗浣溿?浜掑姪鍏辫耽鈥斺?鍎跨鑳藉姏鎻愬崌鏁欒偛璇曠偣璁″垝鈥?鐜板満浼氥?璇ラ」鐩槸涓烘彁鍗囦腑鍥藉辜鍎跨患鍚堣兘鍔涜?杩涜鐨勫叕鐩婃?鏁欒偛鏂瑰紡璇曠偣鎬ф椿鍔ㄣ? 2008骞?鏈堬紝鐢查鏂囨暀鑲插熀閲戜細涓庡効鍩轰細绛剧讲浜嗕负鏈熶袱骞寸殑鍚堜綔澶囧繕褰曪紝璁″垝閫氳繃涓庡効鍩轰細鐨勫悎浣滐紝鍚戝叏鍥藉悇鍦板効鍩轰細鎵?敮鎸佺殑椤圭洰瀛︽牎鍜屽鍓嶆暀鑲叉満鏋勫厤璐规彁渚汿hinkQuest瀛︿範骞冲彴鍜孴hinkQuest鍥介檯绔炶禌锛屼互鍙婄浉鍏崇殑杞欢鍜岀▼搴忔敮鎸併?



銆??涓浗鍎跨鍩洪噾浼氱涔﹂暱瀹嬬珛鑻辫〃绀猴細鈥滀笌鐢查鏂囨暀鑲插熀閲戜細鐨勫悎浣滐紝鏃ㄥ湪涓烘暀甯堛?瀛︾敓鎻愪緵21涓栫邯蹇呭鐨勫涔犳妧鑳斤紝鍩瑰吇瀛︾敓鍦ㄤ俊鎭椂浠f墍闇?殑鍗忎綔绮剧鍜屼笓涓氳兘鍔涖?鍙屾柟灏嗛?杩囧箍娉涙繁鍏ョ殑鍚堜綔鍏卞悓鎺ㄥ姩涓浗灏戝勾鍎跨鏁欒偛浜嬩笟鐨勫仴搴峰揩閫熷彂灞曘?鈥?br />
銆??鐢查鏂囨暀鑲插伐绋嬩簹澶尯鎬荤洃Krishna Sistla琛ㄧず锛氣?鐢查鏂囧叕鍙告効鎰忛?杩囦笌涓浗鍎垮熀浼氥?瀹夊悍(鍏泭)缃戠粶鐨勫瘑鍒囧悎浣溿?浠ュ強鏁欏笀浠殑杈涘嫟宸ヤ綔锛岃鏇村鐨勪腑鍥藉効绔ュ彈鐩婁簬ThinkQuest锛屽叡鍚屼负鎺ㄥ姩涓浗鍎跨鏁欒偛绂忓埄浜嬩笟璐$尞鍔涢噺銆傗?




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GK-Star What?

"GK-Star (Star of competing open collaboration)" by Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed a clicking a new generation of collaborative software; came the end of 2002, is the first enterprise-class software product synergy. The software application model based on cooperative development and operating platform - "collaborative application platform for open competition," the expansion of the use of advanced network technology on the other, for the enterprise information construction provides a simple, convenient, safe, practical solution for collaborative applications , can achieve low-cost, high security and efficient information technology goals.
GK-Star's main function is to what?

Team and process is the basis of business management. However, in the new economy, the nature of the team and the process has undergone great changes, dynamic team is an important feature. GK-Star team for the dynamic management of services is to enhance the efficiency of the dynamic team of the most powerful tools.

To meet the dynamic team of cross-regional collaboration across organizations, loosely organized movement and coordination, the typical dynamic process of collaboration needs, GK-Star offers a variety of collaborative, integrated communications, relationship management, the three major functional blocks.

A team collaboration (Team Space)

Team collaboration in particular in: 1. Users can quickly and free to create more collaborative work area, set up project management team, decided by members of the structure, control access, to achieve with the team members, business partners an efficient and flexible operations collaboration and group interaction; 2. in the shared areas of collaboration, users can meet anytime, anywhere, share documents, information, arrangements for group scheduling, exchange business cards, exchange ideas, remote synchronization; 3. Collaboration Area information can be released and Sharing the platform, the timely dissemination of rules and regulations, newsletters, technical exchanges, bulletin items Deng; 4. Cooperation Zone is a Dongtai electronic community, we can around common interest in the topic or event for discussion, exchanges, resource sharing, etc. .

Second Integrated Communications (Communication)

Integration of a variety of integrated communications highly sophisticated means of communications networks to provide a highly integrated, convenient, secure and humane environment for communications; in addition to other e-mail functions, GK-Star combines voice mail, instant messaging, you can view contacts online status, send each other messages, text chat, Internet file transfer, real-time voice calls, etc.; also supports SMS sending and receiving functions.

3 Relationship Management (Contact Management)

This relationship management, integrated management of human-centered approach. On the one hand, based on the user's contact center, high-efficient management of all relevant personal information, communication process, communication records, scheduling, documentation, notes and statistical reports and other information; the other hand, is to provide a shortcut to contact the center operating environment, quick start and a contact communication (send and receive E-Mail, instant messaging, SMS, voice mail), notes, calendar management, and collaboration capabilities.

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DVD-ROM disc maintenance tips

In recent years, with the CD-ROM gradually from the historical stage, DVD-ROM prices continue to drop, DVD-ROM has been increasingly subject to all sectors of the users. But most of the DVD lovers, the DVD player in the long process of bringing the DVD-ROM wear and aging of Bald is a problem can not be ignored, a year ago I replaced my Jaws 48x CD -ROM, spend pioneer sucker 121sa, even when the pioneer to today's DVD-ROM is still no less outstanding. It then following some of my DVD-ROM on maintenance experience and share.

Hardware Posts:

1, less reading bad discs. Although the DVD-ROM enhanced error correction capability is not small, but we also know that poor quality of pirated optical discs, will inevitably lead to laser read head to read data from repeated several times, thus increasing the spindle motor and the laser head load, significantly reducing the drive's life. There is the time to read these bad disc motor is rotating at full speed, high-speed rotation of the motors that keep not only sound great, and we heard the noise too painful. So I suggest you buy a better quality disc, disc on which d less better.

2, the drive must be at work to avoid vibration. Although the DVD-ROM also features anti-vibration, but in its reading when the DVD is also very high, about powerful impact not only on the disc may be scratched, and more is on the DVD body collision. And a collision, DVD discs will not achieve the specific result of the collision speed. Motor speed immediately Fadong again to achieve a specific speed, the motor in the constant stop it immediately started working the case under the state motor life will be more than a little of.

3, using the finished DVD disc out immediately after. Although times have read the disks in the drive automatically when not in use after the deceleration, but we know that as long as there are CD-ROM drive, optical drive, it would be ready to do battle in tight, and when the computer starts and open "My Computer", when CD-ROM drive will automatically go to the search, so not only to extend the start time, but also increased the bald unnecessary to read. One may say little to do once or twice, but if often the case, the internal drive spindle motor and mechanical drive equipment is always worn state, to shorten the drive virtually the life of a thousand miles is the so-called wall, destroyed nest This senseless loss can be avoided entirely, as long as users remember after use disc can be readily removed.

4, a DVD with proper rest. We all know the bald life is limited, we were crazy to use him, and torture, then it will speed up the shortening of his life, so be sure to use CD-ROM drive, then please note the time interval, it should have sufficient rest time.

Software articles:

In the age of many of our friends, drive to use the virtual drive to help us drive decompression, such as clone cd + daemo tools is a good choice, but frequently face plate on the 4.7g of the dvd player, how our developers did not think to develop it? to clone dvd dvd headed by moving the virtual tool now springing up like the emitted, but a tool for virtual drive hundreds of times before I can make things right for everyone to see.

I tell you today that the software is DVDIDIE PRO. It uses the Smart Read-Ahead technology to advance in DVD disc data storage to the hard drive in order to reduce the workload of DVD-ROM, DVD-ROM can increase the life of the original 2 times to 8 times, the installation is simple way NEXT to engage do.

But here would like to remind you, now out of DVDIDIE PRO version does not even have a small crack in Chinese version, but according to the author using the term, a lot of break in English, Chinese version crack when in use there is no small problem, I will be mentioned below. I use the following version is DVDIDIE PRO2.18 It is a relatively old but very easy to use.

Good start to introduce the following about the function first, we see the main interface,''General "option, here we can set the necessary software support for DVD drives, and it automatically at boot time to run other options, these settings are relatively simple .

In the next "CACHE" The design set is the focus we are introducing today.

"Enable" option. DVD Cache feature is turned on, here we are, of course choose Open. After you open the can on the following to operate the.

Here we can choose to set the cache to be the type, if we choose "Recommended" If this option is the automatic configuration by the system, otherwise you can manually configure cancel. Oh, I believe everyone here will not pick out the system to adjust its own right, or else the main features of this software can give you spoil a :-) in order to win the best results, we choose to manually configure.

We abolish the system automatically configured, there will use the memory (RAM-BASED CACHE) or use as a cache disk space (DISK-BASED CACHE) as a cache option. Although the use of memory as a cache can improve the speed, but we usually are usually less user memory space, so here choose to use hard disk space as a buffer space. In the hard setting (Cache Drive) on, we do not use the partition where the operating system loads the cache, and large capacity as possible to choose the space partition, we'd better choose the district to ensure the remaining space in the 5-9G more about a D5 or D9 disc capacity of it, then we in the (Cache size) and then we can select the custom plate type according to their capacity to fill the size, now I mostly be D5, then fill 5000m, about a Zhang disc capacity, in fact, larger cache space, DVD-ROM playback video in the frequency of the process of its reading less, so naturally greatly extend the life of DVD-ROM.

Daily papers:

That we use in the DVD and CD should not overlook the need for before and after cleaning. Is usually short, pay attention to the storage and cleaning of each disc, the disc when not in use are stored in folders or CD boxes, the benefits of doing so one classification to facilitate information management, so as not to use the time could not find, on the other hand is to avoid dust, dirt and other pollution, prevention is better than cure is the so-called Well. We all know that DVD's internal use of very sophisticated optical components, are most afraid of is dust, hair and other debris pollution. So, if you want to love the DVD longevity, the best source of pollution from the source block. Of course, computer peripherals should also keep the environment clean and dry. As far as possible to the dvd it a clean environment.

Now the end of the summer to pull back many of my friends want to buy a DVD-ROM DVD back to school a dream round, had about addiction, then in dreams while we do not ecstatic desperate to buy a new DVD by make torture :-)

DVD now has become our daily life and work of the most common optical storage devices. Note that what we in ordinary usage, and pay attention to daily maintenance, then a DVD of the service period will be extended naturally many.

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Youtube Movie to RM Pack

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
Supports customize or create user's own profile for any new (portable) device. The video conversion supports preview. About Playing Features. Embedded YouTube Video (Offline) Player is available, it supports offline play YouTube video, .flv video and .swf video. Supports "Drag and Drop" video files direct to the main window. Easy to select the source files. Cool UI skin available. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Youtube Video to Wii Store

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
Easily Convert all popular video formats. Provides the highest speed to download YouTube video. Support unlimited simultaneous downloading tasks. Supports auto-name your downloaded video title as the YoutTube page shows. Offers you the most convenient task management and the easiest control capability. About Conversion Features. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Youtube FLV to AVI Suite

It's most popular and very easy to use YouTube tools. helps you Fast download, convert, play, manage your favorite YouTube videos. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll love YouTube tool! is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. YouTube tool easily: 1. Fast downloads YouTube videos, 2. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloads (a real time saver!), 3. Automatically names the downloaded video the same as the YouTube title, 4. Converts YouTube videos to various video formats, including Video, DVD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, Divx, Xvid, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, DAT, H264, VOB, Flash, PDA, M4V, 3G2, AMV, CDA, DV,QuickTime, ASX, TV, VHS, FLV, H264, BDMV, MAC, Apple TV, Zune, iPod, PDA, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Wii, Laptops, Printers, Palm OS, Pocket PC, PPC, Treo, Psion, EPOC, iphone.
Easily Convert all popular video formats. Provides the highest speed to download YouTube video. Support unlimited simultaneous downloading tasks. Supports auto-name your downloaded video title as the YoutTube page shows. Offers you the most convenient task management and the easiest control capability. About Conversion Features. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.