Saturday, September 25, 2010

GK-Star What?

"GK-Star (Star of competing open collaboration)" by Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed a clicking a new generation of collaborative software; came the end of 2002, is the first enterprise-class software product synergy. The software application model based on cooperative development and operating platform - "collaborative application platform for open competition," the expansion of the use of advanced network technology on the other, for the enterprise information construction provides a simple, convenient, safe, practical solution for collaborative applications , can achieve low-cost, high security and efficient information technology goals.
GK-Star's main function is to what?

Team and process is the basis of business management. However, in the new economy, the nature of the team and the process has undergone great changes, dynamic team is an important feature. GK-Star team for the dynamic management of services is to enhance the efficiency of the dynamic team of the most powerful tools.

To meet the dynamic team of cross-regional collaboration across organizations, loosely organized movement and coordination, the typical dynamic process of collaboration needs, GK-Star offers a variety of collaborative, integrated communications, relationship management, the three major functional blocks.

A team collaboration (Team Space)

Team collaboration in particular in: 1. Users can quickly and free to create more collaborative work area, set up project management team, decided by members of the structure, control access, to achieve with the team members, business partners an efficient and flexible operations collaboration and group interaction; 2. in the shared areas of collaboration, users can meet anytime, anywhere, share documents, information, arrangements for group scheduling, exchange business cards, exchange ideas, remote synchronization; 3. Collaboration Area information can be released and Sharing the platform, the timely dissemination of rules and regulations, newsletters, technical exchanges, bulletin items Deng; 4. Cooperation Zone is a Dongtai electronic community, we can around common interest in the topic or event for discussion, exchanges, resource sharing, etc. .

Second Integrated Communications (Communication)

Integration of a variety of integrated communications highly sophisticated means of communications networks to provide a highly integrated, convenient, secure and humane environment for communications; in addition to other e-mail functions, GK-Star combines voice mail, instant messaging, you can view contacts online status, send each other messages, text chat, Internet file transfer, real-time voice calls, etc.; also supports SMS sending and receiving functions.

3 Relationship Management (Contact Management)

This relationship management, integrated management of human-centered approach. On the one hand, based on the user's contact center, high-efficient management of all relevant personal information, communication process, communication records, scheduling, documentation, notes and statistical reports and other information; the other hand, is to provide a shortcut to contact the center operating environment, quick start and a contact communication (send and receive E-Mail, instant messaging, SMS, voice mail), notes, calendar management, and collaboration capabilities.

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