Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dell: Direct is not a religious revolution

In 2007, Dell often the headlines, but not all news is good news.

January, Dell replaced Kevin Rollins, founder of Maikedaier again become Dell CEO, Dell is going through major changes this year been a roller coaster. In addition, founder of the reunification, the Dell Chief Financial Officer Jim Schneider have been replaced, the company's consumer and service sector there were many new faces.

Dell has lost its title of world's largest PC manufacturers in 2007, Dell continued to lose market share to rival Hewlett-Packard; Maikedaier told the staff, direct sales model "used to be a revolution, but not religious."

Subsequently, Dell announced a number of desktop and notebook PCs through Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores. Full year 2007, Dell continued in the United States and the rest of the world of consumer retail partners to promote the new program, Dell and Staples, Bic Camera in Japan and the United States and China signed a cooperation agreement country. Dell said next year will continue to cooperate in the global expansion of this channel.

At the same time, Dell continues to fight the problem with the supply chain, an accounting problem for Dell has concluded the investigation. The auditors found that Dell financial sector from 2003 to 2006 in order to please Wall Street during the fabrication of a regular quarterly earnings reports this discovery to force Dell to restate three years of earnings reports. Currently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation is continuing.

Two highlights: Dell successfully sold more servers, Dell stressed the strategic design of a warm welcome by the consumers.

Computer direct selling of another company this year, there are many messages. This is China Taiwan's Acer, Gateway was acquired. For Gateway such a situation in the 1990s, the PC makers scold surprised, this is an anticlimactic ending, but the purchase of the Acer is a good news, because Acer is competing with Lenovo.

Acer and Lenovo have been competing this year, over Packard Bell, Acer hopefully it into the bag. With the two companies to join and its own growth, Acer has become the fastest growing PC company last year.

Acer is a major factor in the success of its notebook computer business success. As of the end, Acer has surpassed Dell as the world runner-up notebook computer market, behind Hewlett-Packard. At present, the notebook computer has become the main choice of new phone users this year, notebook computer desktop to be quickly replaced. (Although the popularity of personal desktop computers in the lower, Dell and Gateway have decided to follow the launch of Apple's lead-in-one desktop, Dell has launched XPS, Gateway has released a One.)

On the other hand, although the vast majority of mobile PC users to consider the key, but only a few users have chosen ultra-mobile PC (UMPC), despite the PC industry in efforts to promote such a computer.

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